Exhibition "Belgian activities in Serbia until 1918"

This exhibition organized by the Belgian Embassy in Belgrade in cooperation with the historian Jelica Ilic and local partners like the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the national Zajecar museum offers an illustrated overview of the rich history of economic ties between Belgium and Serbia up until 1918. The fruitful cooperation between both countries' National Banks, the Belgian presence in Serbia's mining industry, the construction of Belgian railway tracks in Eastern Serbia and other industrial activities are highlighted as examples of this intense economic cooperation. This exhibition toured around Serbia and was open to visitors in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Negotin…


Exposition "National Bank of Serbia. National and European institution"

In 2010 the National Banks of Belgium and Serbia organized the exposition “National Bank of Serbia. National and European institution” in cooperation with the Belgian Embassy in Belgrade. In the first part of this slideshow, the emphasis lies on the rich history of economic cooperation between Brussels and Belgrade and a historic overview of the Republic of Serbia. The second part takes a closer look at the National Bank of Serbia. Not only are the founding and the evolution of this institution addressed, but the cooperation and connection with the National Bank of Belgium is highlighted as well. This exposition ends with the activities of Serbia's National Bank in the context of European integration. This exposition was organized in both Brussels and Belgrade.