Legalization of documents only

How to proceed if you want to get documents legalized for use in Belgium.

How to proceed if you want to get Pakistani or Afghani documents legalized by the Belgian Embassy.

A. Afghani or Pakistani documents for legalization :

1.      Be presented in original version.

2.      Be original Pakistani/Afghani documents attested by Pakistani/Afghani Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Attestation must not be older than 6 months.

3.      No ordinary photocopies will be accepted for legalization, only CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES by the national authorities.

4.      Your signature on a document can be legalized. Be aware that you will have to come in person to the Embassy for legalization of your personal signature. Bring your ID card and/or passport and take an appointment.

5.      Diplomas or degrees are to be attested by Ministry of Education, more specifically the HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION and subsequently by the Pakistani/Afghani Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

B. Mode of submission of the documents to be legalized :

Documents to be legalized can not be sent directly to the Embassy. They will not be handled. The following procedure must be strictly followed without any exception.

1.      Submission from Pakistan through 'Gerry’s International - Visa Drop Box' (NEVER by ordinary mail). A list with the addresses of Fedex dropbox facilities is provided in our website. Payment of the fees must be done at Fedex itself.

2.      Submission via representative who should be provided with an authorization letter and a good quality copy of your passport or identity card in order to be presented to the Fedex office. Payment of the fees must be done at Fedex itself.

3.      Submission from abroad (Afghanistan, Iran, Belgium or any other country)

In order to help people living in Afghanistan, Iran, Belgium or any other country, who don’t know anybody who can submit documents on their behalf in Pakistan or who can’t come to Pakistan, a special arrangement with Gerry’s International Pakistan has been settled in this regard.

Documents to be legalized by the Embassy can be sent at the following address:

3.1.Address :

Mr.  Waqas Nadeem (contact person for any future query regarding your documents)
Manager VDB
Fedex/ Gerry’s International,
Gerrys/FedEx, 14-B Sadiq Plaza, opposite Meraj Hotel, besides Silk Bank & BATA
D-9 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan 
Ph: 00 92 51 228 58 21  

Gerry’s Call center Numbers:
Through Landline: +92-900-31111
Through Mobile: +92-8111
Gerry’s e-mail ID: feedback@gerry’

3.2.Documents to be sent :

All documents have to be sent in original, must be correctly attested by the Pakistani or Afghani Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the attestation must not be older than 6 months.

3.3.Price :

-          Embassy fee for Legalization is from 01.01.2011: 15 € per original document & 15 € for each separate certified true copy & 15 € for translation. No translation gets legalized without a valid original document

-          Fedex/Gerry’s Service charges inclusive of Tax : 10 € per applicant (and not per document).

-          FedEx courier charges per applicant for returning of documents: for Afghanistan = 72 € / for Iran = 65 € /  for Belgium = 41 € / for other countries, contact Mr. Waqas Nadeem,  e-mail: in order to get the exact charges.

Do not forget to send to FedEx the payment proof with the documents to be legalized.

3.4. Mode of payment :

- Payment via Western Union or Money Gram in the name of Mr. Assad Hussain (CNIC # 61101-8493533-5) at FedEx.  Do not forget to send to FedEx the payment proof with the documents to be legalized.

Do not forget to send to FedEx the payment proof with the documents to be legalized.

C. Translation of the documents :

1. AFGHANISTAN : Original documents from Afghanistan are translated into English  by the Afghan Authorities. Only a translation issued by those Authorities will be accepted. In a near future we hope to find a solution to accept translations done in one of the national languages of Belgium.

2. PAKISTAN : All documents duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan have to be accompanied by a certified translation.  Original documents from Pakistan should be translated in one of the national languages of Belgium: French and Dutch.

- Translation into French is possible in Pakistan and must be done by one of the 5  “Alliances Françaises” settled in Pakistan (Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar) (see addresses below) or by the Agence française de Traduction (see addresses here below) The original Pakistani document and its translation into French, both legalized by the Embassy, will be directly accepted by a Belgian French speaking administration.

- For the moment, no recognized institution in Pakistan offers the service for translation into Dutch. Therefore, documents to be used in a Belgian Dutch speaking administration might need to be translated a second time into Dutch once in Belgium. 

Addresses :

Alliance Française de Lahore
155, Scotch Corner, street 3, Upper Mall, Lahore
Tel : 042-3587 43 01 > 3,    fax : 042 – 3587 43 04
Email :

Alliance Française de Karachi
Plot St1, Block 8,  Scheme 5, Clifton Karachi
Tel : 021-3587 34 02    fax : 021-3587 43 02
Email :

Alliance Française  d’Islamabad
House 9, Street 49, F6/4
Tel : 051-282 52 18 > 9  
Email :
Web : www.afislamabad.orgNo label found for: as_externallink.alttag

French Translation Agency / Agence française de Traduction
House 6a
Street 69
F8/3, Islamabad
Tel 051 8356281,051 8356280
Tel 0300 5338942

D. Consular fees :

The original document legalized by the competent authorities will be legalized by the Embassy. The translation certified by Alliance Française will also be legalized. The consular fees for legalizations have to be paid only to Fedex.  Refer yourself to the CONSULAR FEE (PDF, 40.25 Kb) section in order to find out how much the current consular fee for legalization is.