If you are Belgian, all changes to your civil status are governed by Belgian law. Belgian law applies even if you live abroad.

If you live abroad, you must inform your local Belgian embassy or consulate of all changes to your civil status.

Where should a death be registered?

If a Belgian member of your family dies abroad, the authorities in that country should, in principle, issue a death certificate. If such is not the case, the Belgian embassy or consulate can issue the certificate.

Is a death certificate issued abroad valid in Belgium?

A death certificate issued abroad is valid in Belgium on the condition that it was issued by the relevant authority in the standard format used in that country.

The death certificate issued abroad must be legalised.

Does a death certificate have to be entered into the Belgian registers?

Further information about this matter is available under Registration certificates.

Can the Belgian embassy or consulate or FPS Foreign Affairs provide assistance if a member of my family dies abroad?

Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs and the Belgian embassy or consulate can help by providing information and can also assist with repatriation of the body and the deceased's personal belongings.

Further information can also be obtained by contacting:

  • Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, Registry Department
  • The embassy or consulate in your main place of residence abroad
  • Your municipal authority in Belgium