Compensation for a defective passport


How to replace your defective passport

If you believe your passport shows signs of production defects, you can ask if a free replacement is possible.

- If your passport is less than one year old OR of the defect is in the transparent sheet that has come away, you should contact your local authority (or your embassy or consulate if you live abroad).

- For all other instances, please send an email ( quoting your passport number and describing the defect as precisely as possible.

Damage (voluntary or accidental) or normal wear and tear of the passport do not qualify for free replacement.

Recommendation: keep your passport in a safe place and avoid handling in a way that could damage the electronic circuit (folding, tearing, extreme temperatures, magnetic fields, micro-waves, etc.)

Have you suffered financial loss due to a production defect in your passport?

Due to a production defect in your passport, your trip could not take place as planned and as a result you believe that you have suffered damages because:

- you had to postpone your departure or cancel your trip;
- you were forced to stay abroad while waiting for a new passport;
- you had to interrupt your trip and return home.

In this case, you can submit a request for financial compensation to FPS Foreign Affairs for the damages suffered.

What conditions apply?

1. Your passport must have a production defect. Only the passport’s maker can determine whether or not this is the case.
2. You must be able to prove that the damages you suffered were caused exclusively by your defective passport.

How can you submit a request?

Complete the request for compensation form (PDF, 129.86 Kb).
Gather the following documents:

1. Your defective passport. If you have already returned your passport to the issue location with a view to obtaining a replacement, please indicate this in the appropriate section of the form.
2. Originals of all the supporting documentation pertaining to the travel and/or accommodation expenses you incurred.
3. Any document or letter proving that on the scheduled date of your trip you were not able to make or continue the trip due to your passport being defective (for instance: official statement issued by the transport company, by a border control agency,…). 

Send all the above-mentioned documents to the following address:

FPS Foreign Affairs
Travel and Identity Documents Dep. (C2.2)
Rue des Petits Carmes 15
1000 Brussels

How long do you have to file a request?

You may submit a request up to one year after you become aware of the production defect.

What happens next?

We will inform you of our decision regarding your request for compensation within 3 months. Please note that submitting this type of request does not guarantee automatic acceptance on our part.
Should your request be deemed valid, we will suggest an amount to be paid as compensation.