Didier Reynders announces that Belgium sends a B-FAST mission to Serbia

date: 20 May 2014

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders, as chairman of the Coordinating Council of B-FAST, announces that an assistance mission will be sent to Serbia, upon official request of the authorities in Belgrade. It is the second component of the B-FAST assistance to the countries affected by the floods in South East Europe. A first component left to Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday morning.

For this second mission, 12 people from the Belgian Defence and one person of the Ministry of Public Health will leave on Wednesday 21 May at 06:00 from Camp Burcht, near Antwerp. Belgian Defence will transport 3 boats with outboard motor and aluminum hull. These boats will supply with food or remove those people who have not abandoned their homes. Aluminum hulls are valuable equipment that can withstand underwater obstacles, including barbed wire.

The convoy arrives on site Thursday night after 1,600 kilometers by road. The exact location of operation is to be determined in consultation with the Serbian authorities and the EU Civil Protection Mechanism managed by the European Commission.