Basic Generic Training - BGT - Call for applications

date: 04 December 2013

In the framework of the CSDP, the EU conducts since 2003 civilian crisis management missions (CCM) in various unstable or crisis area’s on different continents. Currently, the EU is conducting around 16 missions in which approximately 50 Belgian civilian personnel are deployed.

In order to conduct these missions, the EU is searching mainly for civilian experts in the area of justice (magistrates and judges) police and administration (1). Therefore, Belgium organizes at national level, twice a year, a training (BGT) as an integral part of the EU training policy to support the European civilian capability to implement CSDP missions.

This integrated training, jointly organized by MFA and the Egmont Institute, with support of the Belgian Federal Police and the Ministry of Justice, aims at increasing the Belgian pool of civilian experts for secondment if selected for a mission.

This course addresses most of the important elements related to civilian crisis management and the mission’s environment. As such it will offer a ‘tool box’ for the participant in order to facilitate his/her job and be more operational on the field once deployed in the mission.

The training is delivered in English, as most of the CSDP missions are conducted in English. Therefore, an English test will be a part of the selection.

Each potential participant should be aware that we are looking for candidates that are willing to be deployed for a minimum of 1 year (2).

The next training will take place from 14 April till 25 April 2014 in Brussels.

Candidates with justice profiles should address the authorities in charge of the selection procedure: (justice).

Interested persons for the positions within the administration category are invited to send their CV and motivation letter to:  and at the latest by 3 February 2014.

(1) Including political-economic and social science, law/human rights, communication/journalism, public administration, finance management and accountability, logistics & procurement expert, information technology, medical personnel

(2) The available posts in CSDP missions: label found for: as_externallink.alttag