Minister Reynders on the situation in Egypt

date: 04 July 2013

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders has taken note of the announcement that the constitution has been suspended in Egypt and that the execution of power has been transferred to the head of the constitutional court. He was also apprised of the roadmap to set up a technocratic government, organise new elections and draft a new constitution.

Minister Reynders reiterates his call for dialogue between all parties to guarantee a democratic transition that will meet the democratic expectations of Egyptian society. He stresses the importance of not using violence or repression against the population or political figures. Only a peaceful process in which all political forces can participate can be representative and stable. He hopes that the new government will lead the country with respect for the rule of law and for the fundamental rights and freedoms of all Egyptians. He also hopes that the new government will work to further the country’s economic recovery.

As announced by High Representative Catherine Ashton, the EU will continue to support the Egyptian population in its wish for democracy. Didier Reynders also confirms that Belgium will continue to provide support in this respect.

In view of developments over the past few days, non-essential trips to Egypt are not recommended, except for journeys to the tourist areas on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. In these areas, travellers are advised to be extremely vigilant and careful, and to avoid demonstrations and gatherings. Travellers are also advised to travel in groups and with a guide.