, your website. Launch of the European Year of Citizens in Belgium

date: 10 January 2013

Belgian citizen, European citizen, we will be celebrating your 20th anniversary, the anniversary of European citizenship, in 2013. Travelling, studying or working, having access to healthcare, surfing more cheaply with smartphone all over Europe, etc. These are just a few specific examples of the sometimes discreet impact Europe has on our daily lives.

To help you be better informed about your rights and to encourage you to enter into a dialogue, the Belgian government launched a website on 10 January 2013 that is specifically about the European Year of Citizens: www.youreurope.beNo label found for: as_externallink.alttag. The aim of the site is to inform you and to bring together all of your events, questions, opinions, experiences, photos and videos for a whole year. Let us give shape together to the Europe that you want by 2020!

Take part in the discussions!

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