Minister Reynders reacts to the ceasefire in Gaza

date: 22 November 2012

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders is pleased with the ceasefire in Gaza requested by the European Union and the international community. He thanks the Egyptian President for the mediation that he carried out in order to bring an end to the suffering of citizens in Israel and the Gaza Strip. He also expresses his recognition for the other initiatives that have led to this result. Minister Reynders calls upon all parties to implement the agreement.

Everything possible must be done in order to guarantee the security, welfare and protection of the population, with respect for international human rights. Minister Reynders emphasises that it is important to find a sustainable solution, so that a repeat of last week’s situation can be avoided.

Belgium advocates a solution that sees two states existing in peace and security alongside one another. Our country also supports the efforts of the European Union and the international community to guarantee lasting peace in the region. For this reason Minister Reynders finds it necessary that the parties resume the negotiations for the peace process.