Minister Reynders condemns the attack on Doctor Mukwege

date: 26 October 2012

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders was horrified to learn of the attack on the Congolese Doctor Mukwege and his family. He firmly condemns this cowardly act and expresses his condolences to the family of the guard who lost his life in the attack.

Didier Reynders salutes the efforts of Doctor Mukwege, who has long been engaged in his community and on behalf of women in the Kivu region who are victims of sexual violence. It is primarily thanks to the efforts of the Doctor that crimes of sexual violence in the Kivu region, and the unbearable suffering they cause, have been brought to the attention of the international community.

Sexual violence is unacceptable. The fact that an effort was made to silence the Doctor by means of this attack, so that the perpetrators can continue to terrorise the population unhindered, cannot be tolerated.

Minister Reynders calls on the Congolese government to do everything in its power to guarantee the safety of Doctor Mukwege, to bring the attackers to justice, and not to turn a blind eye to the unbearable suffering of the population.

For Didier Reynders, this attack reiterates how important it is to re-establish the rule of law in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.