21 Belgian companies involved with Olympics

date: 02 August 2012

In the past years Belgium has organized several missions to England which have secured a good relationship between the two countries. This led to meetings and partnerships between English and Belgian companies, hence the English trust that the 21 Belgian companies involved in the Olympics will perform well.

Peter Demuynck, director of Agoria and BSTC’s’ international business(Belgian Sports Technology Club)said “The Belgians made a clever move to approach the organizers of the OS as a group instead of each attempting to sell their files separately.” These companies are ones that are specialized in access control, lighting, hospitality, grass mats, aerial imagery, LED displays and ticketing.

Demuynck points out that the large Belgian presence in London will lead to a lot of opportunities beyond the 2012 Olympic Games: “…During the Olympic Games BSTC will do a specific action to promote the Belgian bike industry. Belgian companies will also get the chance to take up contact with organizing committees of the next Olympic Games that will take place in Rio as well as organizing committees from theFIFA World Cup and theEuropean Football Championship in Russia, Brazil, Qatar and France.

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