Archeologists from Leuven find 4,000 year old tomb in Egypt

date: 13 July 2012

Professor Harco Willems and his team of archeologists from Leuven, Belgium found the tomb of Ahanakht inDayr al-Barsha, Egypt.

Ahanakht was governor of his province of Hare in ancient Egypt and now, 4,000 years later, archeologists all the way from Belgium, find his mummified body. The tomb dates back to circa 2040BC, but it has not been undisturbed for all these years. An American archeologist discovered the tomb in 1891, but was convinced the loot had already been taken out of the grave so he prematurely stopped the digging.

The archeologists from Leuven however, kept digging, and made a valuable discovery to reward their perseverance. In one of the rooms of the tomb was a coffin, and the delicate inscriptions upon it clearly marked it was the coffin of Ahanakht’s father.

The discovery of this tomb has provided a great new insight on the bury rituals of ancient Egyptians as well as brought to light some ancient museum-worthy items. label found for: as_externallink.alttag