Economic, environmental, development and humanitarian

Belgium plays a pro-active role in the economic, environmental, development and humanitarian issues dealt with at the United Nations, in particular in the General Assembly and its Second CommitteeNo label found for: as_externallink.alttag, in the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOCNo label found for: as_externallink.alttag), of which Belgium is a member, and its subsidiary bodies, as well as through the funds and programmes located in New York: UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNIFEM and UNCDF. It also maintains close contacts with the Office of the Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHANo label found for: as_externallink.alttag).

Themes of particular interest in these fields are:

  • the follow-up to the outcomes of the major UN conferences and summits on economic and social development and related fields, such as those on Financing for Development (Monterrey) and Sustainable Development (Johannesburg);

  • sustainable development and environmental issues;

  • the development of Africa, with special attention to the Great Lakes Region;

  • international efforts to support the Least Developed Countries;

  • the strengthening of humanitarian response capacities;

  • migration and development, as illustrated by Belgium’s offer to host the first meeting of the ‘Global Forum on Migration and Development’ on July 9-11, 2007;

  • population and development    

  • the reform agenda: Belgium was co-chair of the negotiations leading to ECOSOC-reform, and now follows closely the recommendations by the High Level Panel on System Wide Coherence.