Other possibilities

Other possibilities

At FPS Foreign Affairs, just like at our diplomatic or consular posts, we are highly aware of the difficulties that can be posed to those of you who live abroad by asking you to request your passport in person.

It is unfortunately the price that must be paid to provide a passport that is safer than ever, and meets European requirements.

Within the confines of the legal and technical means at our disposal, we do however offer a number of alternatives.

Request your passport elsewhere

At the time of writing, it is possible to request your passport somewhere else than in the post in which you are registered:

• At a Belgian provincial administrative office when returning to the country (passports provided here will not however contain fingerprints until 2013);

• Or at another diplomatic or consular post than that at which you are registered but which is located closer or close to the one you go to for other reasons, provided it already supplies passports with digital fingerprints.

In both of these cases, you must first contact the post with which you are registered so that they can analyse your request and give their consent.

Periodic visits from consulates in certain areas

Certain posts (PDF, 99.82 Kb) have received mobile biometric equipment and will periodically organise visits by their consulates to areas that are very far away from the post and where large numbers of Belgians reside.

Announcements of these visits will be made well in advance on the websites of the posts in question.

Get your biometric data saved before you need a new passport

By the end of the year you will be able, if you wish, to request to have your digital fingerprints, your photo and your signature saved before the time when you need a passport, for example when passing through the city where your embassy or consulate is located.


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