Didier Reynders announces that Belgium sends a B-FAST mission to Bosnia-Herzegovina

date: 18 May 2014

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders, as chairman of the B-FAST coordination board, anounces that an assistance mission will be sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina, upon the official request of the authorities in Sarajevo. The government partners supported this decision in the board of B-FAST.

The civil protection of the ministry of Interior will provide water pumps, while the ministry of Public Health will install a water purification unit. Access to drinking water is indeed a major problem after the severe floods last week in the region. Belgian Defence, meanwhile, will help with transmission facilities. On Monday, a convoy of about ten lorries heads towards the affected areas.

The B-FAST operation takes place under the Civil Protection Mechanism of the EU (EU-28, FYROM, Liechtenstein, Norway) managed by the European Commission.