Didier Reynders meets Mr Ivica Dačić, Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia

date: 05 September 2012

On Wednesday afternoon, Didier Reynders met Mr Ivica Dačić, Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia, who was accompanied by Mr Ivan Mrkić, Minister of Foreign Affairs. The minister congratulated them for their recent appointment and wished them very best of success with the challenge that awaits them.

Prime Minister Dačić thanked Belgium for its support in granting Serbia the status of candidate Member State. He confirmed the commitment of his government to continue the reforms for the ongoing integration of his country into the European Union. He also shared his intention to move forward with the implementation of the agreements concluded with Pristina and with the normalisation of relations with Kosovo via high-level political dialogue in particular. In reference to this, he confirmed the decision of Serbia to participate in the regional forums in which Kosovo also participates, on condition that the agreed format for the designation of Kosovo is included in the official documents of these meetings. Prime Minister Dačić asked with some insistence that the European Union should not make any additional conditions for the opening of accession negotiations as provided for by the European Council last December.

Minister Reynders reassured his interlocutor that Belgium is in favour of this new stage in the relations between Serbia and the EU on condition that Serbia strictly observes the conditions laid down by the European Council. He welcomes the fact that Serbia and Belgium share a desire to develop the regional partnership and good relations with neighbours. As a founding member of the Benelux and the European Union, Belgium has considerable experience in this field and is prepared to share this with Serbia.

The ministers mentioned the strengthening of bilateral economic and commercial relations.
Minister Reynders thanked Prime Minister Dačić for his invitation to visit Serbia. He also thanked him for his government’s support for the Belgian candidacy for Liège 2017.