Tia Hellebaut places second in Oslo with her 1m93 jump

date: 02 July 2012

Belgian high jumper Tia Hellebaut jumped 1m93 at the Diamond League athletic meet in Oslo, Norway making her the second best female high jumper at the prestigious meet.

Hellebaut is already a known champion, her success dating back to 2006 when she won the gold medal for high jump at the European Championships. Her next impressive success was in 2008 (Peking) where she earned herself the title of Olympic high jump champion. Her winning streak seemed at an end though when in December 2008 she publicly announced she was pregnant and decided to take a temporary break from her athletic career. Shortly after the birth of her first child she became pregnant again, pre-longing her absence from the sport scene and making fans wonder if her glory days were over for good.

Now, after four years, it is clear that during her absence she was not idle. In top form she jumped 1m93 and was outdone only by the American contester Chaunte Howard-Lowe who jumped 1m97.

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