Higher education: Belgium achieves good results compared with European counterparts

In 2010, over 44% of the Belgian population aged between 30 and 34 held a higher education diploma,putting Belgium in seventh position in the European Union (27 countries), i.e. better than average.Only Ireland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden Finland and Cyprus do better.

Women achieve far better results than men almost everywhere in Europe. In Belgium, half of women in the 30-34 age bracket have a higher education degree, against 39% for men of the same age.

This indicator enables Eurostat to measure one of the main goals of the Europe 2020 Strategy which consists of achieving a level of at least 40% of 30- to 34-year-olds having completed higher education or an equivalent level of studies by 2020.Our country has already reached this goal, as have most of our neighbouring countries.

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