Belgian military winning sports medals too!

The 5th International Military Sport Council (IMSC) Military World Games, also known as the Peace Games, were held in Brazil from 16 to 24 July. With 6,000 athletes and over 20 sporting disciplines, this sporting event was the largest ever to be held in this country. Only 55 of the 111 countries taking part went home with at least one medal. Belgian athletes took home three from a total of seven disciplines. An unexpected success!

The elite sportsman Kenneth Vangansbeke won the bronze medal on 20 July in Judo, in the under 66 kg category. This was the first medal for the Belgian delegation at Rio. On Friday, 22 July, the Belgian parachuting team won the gold at the World Military Games. After eight jumps, the elite sportsmen Andy and David Grauwels, Roy Janssens, Dennis Praet and their cameraman Danny Jacobs became IMSC world champions in formation jumping. And finally, Belgian military triathletes won the bronze medal in the team standings in the Olympic triathlon on the final day of the World Military Games. The Belgian men’s team was made up of Marino Vanhoenacker, Frederik Van Lierde and Dennis Devriendt. They finished third, behind France and Brazil.

In addition to one gold and two bronze medals, many other sportspersons achieved great feats. Many Belgians improved their personal bests. These results were the fruits of a long year of hard training. label found for: as_externallink.alttag

(c) - Danny-Jacobs