Strategy Paper for the Belgian Fund for Food Security

date: 27 June 2014

The Belgian Fund for Food Security (BFFS) is a unique financing instrument that focuses on improving the food security of vulnerable populations in areas of Sub-Saharan Africa at great risk of food insecurity.

The fund was established in 2010 by an act of the Federal Parliament. It is financed by the National Lottery and secondarily, by the Directorate General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD) which injects additional resources. It is a unique instrument of development since it is the result of a parliamentary initiative, fed by Lottery funds.

The BFFS is managed by the government member responsible for development cooperation who also assumes responsibility for it. The Fund is monitored by a special BFFS Working Group, made up of representatives from each parliamentary group, the competent government member for development cooperation and its services (DGD), Belgian NGOs, Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) and multilateral partner organizations of the BFFS.

This Strategy Paper defines the BFFS' priority intervention areas and is in line with the mission and objectives of Belgian development cooperation. It describes the Fund's context, challenges, mission, approach, target groups and priority issues. As a framework document, it is also a guideline for organizations responsible for implementing the interventions financed by the Fund.

The BFFS Procedure Manual completes this Strategy Paper forming a practical guide on the procedures and arrangements for the Fund. Step by step, the manual explanes how programmes are identified, formulated, financed, implemented, monitored and evaluated and specifies expectations with regards partner organizations.

Strategy Paper for the Belgian Fund for Food Security (PDF, 230.91 Kb)