Didier Reynders supports sovereignty of Ukraine during Benelux mission

date: 10 March 2014

Didier Reynders on Maidan

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders went to the Ukrainian capital Kiev on Monday 10 March with his Dutch colleague Frans Timmermans and his Luxembourg colleague Jean Asselborn on a political mission from the Benelux. The three ministers had official meetings with acting President Oleksandr Turchynov and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrii Deschytsya. They also spoke with representatives from civil society.

The ministers from the Benelux countries came to reinforce the message of the EU. Like every sovereign people, the Ukranians should have to power to decide for themselves about their future. In this context, the ministers emphasized that European values should be enjoyed by all Europeans, whether inside or outside the European Union. They demonstrated their appreciation for the restraint of the Ukranian authorities in the face of the aggression that their country experienced. Didier Reynders and his Dutch and Luxembourg colleagues have called for absolute respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. They have also called upon the acting authorities to set up an inclusive government that takes into account the political sensitivities of the country and to organize free and democratic elections.

Didier Reynders also emphasized the protection of minorities and the need for greater autonomy. Furthermore, the Minister met the resident representative of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Kiev to discuss a joint EU-IMF plan for Ukraine.

Finally, Minister Reynders and his Dutch and Luxembourg colleagues visited Maidan Square to lay a wreath of flowers in memory of the victims of the clashes in February. They expressed the solidarity of the Benelux with the Ukranian people.