Wood in Oud-Turnhout awarded European prize

The European Commission has awarded a prize to De Liereman wood at Oud-Turnhout for the LIFE-Lierman nature conservation project. Natuurpunt, which managed the project running from 2004 to 2010, received the Best Life Nature Project Award. This prize is awarded every year to nature conservation projects that set an example for Europe.

The De Liereman moorlands have been restored in the last few years in cooperation with local farmers. This natural reserve includes 68 hectares of purple moor grass, 60 hectares of flowery grasslands and 50 hectares of woodlands.

Twenty-five other LIFE projects are currently underway in Flanders alone. Natuurpunt is the second Belgian project to have won the award. De Liereman will actually receive the prize in Brussels at the end of May on the occasion of Green Week. It consists of a commemorative plate and a mention in a brochure about European nature conservation projects.

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