Belgium, one of the least corrupt countries

Out of 183 countries and territories studied in 2011 by Transparency International, Belgium is ranked as the 19th least corrupt country in the world.This represents an improvement of three places over our 22nd place in 2010.

The Corruption Perceptions Index 2011 ranks countries and territories according to their perceived levels of public sector corruption. It is an aggregate indicator that combines different sources of information about corruption, making it possible to compare countries.

The 2011 index draws on assessments and opinion surveys carried out by independent and reputable institutions. These surveys and assessments include questions related to the bribery of public officials, kickbacks in public procurement, embezzlement of public funds, and the effectiveness of public sector anti-corruption efforts. Perceptions are used because corruption is to a great extent a hidden activity that is difficult to measure. Over time, perceptions have proved to be a reliable estimate of corruption. label found for: as_externallink.alttag