Media Prize 2011 for Les Niouzz children’s news programme

The Objectif 2015 series, which was broadcast during the children’s news programme Les Niouzz on the RTBF and co-financed by Belgian Development Cooperation, has just won the Media Prize 2011 awarded by the French Fondation pour l’Enfance (Childhood Foundation) in the Youth category. The Foundation rewards television programmes that raise awareness with regard to child protection issues.

The Fondation pour l’Enfance, which was set up in 1977 by Anne-Aymone Giscard d’Estaing, pursues the mission of giving rise to, promoting, advising on and supporting actions helping children in danger and families in difficulties. Since 1990, the Foundation has been rewarding television programmes that raise awareness every year with regard to child protection issues. This Media Prize is awarded to three categories: documentaries, fiction and youth programmes.

The main rules laid down by the jury, which consists of journalists, producers, directors and professionals working with children, are used as a basis to assessing the competing works: no voyeurism, a requirement of quality in terms of the writing and the directing technique, seriousness and plausibility of the script.

Raising the awareness of young people

Together with the Niouzz team, Belgian Development Cooperation created a series of ten reports illustrating the eight Millennium Development Goals. These goals, which were set by the United Nations, concern us all since they cover poverty, environment protection, primary education for all, etc. The aim is to fulfil all of these goals by 2015.

Last October, Minister for Development Cooperation Olivier Chastel was present when the report was shown in a sixth-year primary school class. The attention that Belgian Development Cooperation is paying to raising the awareness of young people about global citizenship finds form in this way via the distribution on as large a scale as possible of these films in schools. label found for: as_externallink.alttag

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